Homeopathics and energetics formulas are very important in any of our treatment regimes here at the Northside Health and Wellbeing Centre and carry many different ranges from all over the world. Including Germany, New Zealand and here in Australia.  We also have our own unique range of energetics made right here in Australia by Harmonic Transformational Energetics. This range incorporates formulas not available by any other clinic or health provider in Australia making it completely unique to your treatment, this allows us to create a particular remedy suited solely to you.

These remedies came about through the shared tallants of my self (Shane Arnold) and Judith Potts by utilizing and combing 30 years of metaphysical and energetic principles with that of homeopathic and flower essence therapy creating a truly untapped potential of supplements in a drop or spray form application making them safe, effective and easy to use with their application being used in any age bracket from babies through to the elderly.

  We are extremely proud of this range and its effectiveness on those who have been unsuccessful in yet ascertaining a life without health issues wether they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological or chemical in nature.